Surrounding area

The Jizo House is situated right in the middle of Navarre, at only 12 km from Pamplona and with a direct exit (exit 56B) to the AP-15 motorway which makes it a strategically excellent place to organize your leisure activities from.

The Jizo House is your country- house in Navarre all year round.


With its 341 inhabitants Pueyo is one of the most peaceful villages in the Cidacos Valley. Its houses nestle into a steep hillside, turning the geographical features of the village into its main tourist attraction.

The Hermitage of Santiago is on top of the hill. It was built on the foundations of a demolished fortification. In the surrounding area, there are many more ruins to be found which speak to us of the splendour of the days long gone by.

The village festival in honour of its patron saint Santiago takes place from July 24th to 28th.



The Valdorba valley on horseback.
Riding-school Cristina Ullate, Tafalla.

The riding-school, run by Cristina Ullate, a riding-instructor trained at the “Real Escuela Andaluza de Arte Ecuestre” (Royal Andalusian School of Equestrian Art) offers you the possibility to take part in riding courses and to follow on horseback the routes through our vineyards where you can see some of the most interesting places of central Navarre.


Hiking routes in the Valdorba valley

Take a walk through history in the Valdorba valley. Amongst its oak trees and water springs, you will come across quite a number of jewels of Romanesque architecture. Pueyo will offer you some splendid panoramic views of it all. As there is usually not a lot of traffic on the roads through the Valdorba valley, it is the ideal place to be explored by bike.


The truffle route

Get intoxicated by the aroma of our most highly esteemed mushroom, the truffle, also known by the name of “black diamond”. Be witness to how dogs or even a wild boar find truffles thanks to their strong sense of smell, and taste the best recipes in which the black truffle is the protagonist.


Guided visit and wine tasting in some of the wine cellars of Navarre

Navarre distinguishes itself through its many different landscapes and climates. It is the only region of the Iberian Peninsula where the Atlantic, the Western and the Mediterranean climate meet and thus, it is exceptionally well located for the production of our wine. So come and enjoy the guided tours through our wine cellars and vineyards! It will be a pleasure for your senses!